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Free cinimatic luts

 What is LUT 

A LUT, or "lookup table," is a tool commonly used in video and image processing to apply a specific color transformation to an image. It works by mapping the input colors of an image to new output colors using predefined color mapping, or "LUT." This can be used to adjust an image's color balance, contrast, or other properties, or to apply a specific "look" or style to the image, such as a vintage film effect or a specific color grading used in a movie.

color grading can completely transform the look of your video, but unless you've spent years inside a coloring house, you may not have the technical know-how to achieve the desired look. The right LUT can help to color-grade video 

So what is a LUT? LUT is, in photo editing, we can save color grade as file name " presets " like in the video you can save color grade it is called LUT filter

How Does Lut Filter Work?

LUTs (Lookup Tables) is a kind of color filter you use to alter the colors in your image. They apply predetermined sets of mathematical formulas to your video’s existing colors to change those colors and achieve the desired result. They make adjustments to gamma, contrast, saturation, luminance, and hue, essentially taking the original set of colors and changing them into a new set of colors. And they do so completely automatically. Simply put, LUT is powerful tool you can use to elevate your color correction and color grading work. They are similar to color presets you may create and save, but much simpler, as they contain much more information and can apply adjustments to many different properties of color all at once, whereas presets are often much more limited. They’re also more versatile than typical color presets because you can use them in any software which understands the format, not just the software you created it with, making it easy to share color looks between projects in many different programs. 

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