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How To Create Viral AI-Generated Videos to get Millions Of Views

How To Create Viral AI-Generated Videos to Get Millions Of Views

Explore the fascinating charm of a popular AI-made video that's grabbing attention on YouTube and Instagram. This mysterious sensation, known for not showing any faces, has become really popular online. Created by advanced AI technology, the video has a sense of mystery that captures the interest of viewers. Even though the video doesn't show any faces, it uses colorful visuals and meaningful sounds to tell a unique story that's different from usual videos. This story is interesting to the online community. Since there's no human face in the video, everyone can relate to it and feel their own emotions when watching it. This video has spread widely on social media and has been viewed by millions of people. Its simple way of showing complex feelings through images and sounds has made it a symbol of modern creativity. The video is attractive not just because it looks and sounds great, but also because it brings people together. Without a face to focus on, people from different backgrounds can understand it in their own way. As it keeps being shared online, this AI-created masterpiece is changing how people interact and express themselves on the internet.

There Are Five Steps to Make Viral Ai Generated Video 

There are five clear steps to create a viral AI-generated video. You can create a reel or shorts video, and even craft an entire YouTube video without showing faces. The steps remain consistent throughout the process. Here are the five steps 

  1. Generate Content 
  2. Create Ai character 
  3. Convert content into audio 
  4. Animate Ai character 
  5. Edit video 

  1. Generate Content 

chat gpt content generate

To Generate content here we use only chat Gpt.

You can Generate any content any text-based things through chat Gpt. Generating content is as straightforward as visiting the ChatGPT website or using the app. Just input your promotional message aligned with your desired content, and watch as the AI swiftly crafts the content in a matter of seconds.

  1. Create Ai character 

Creating Ai Character is one of the important things in this step, in this type of video, we use the Ai image as a video character or channel or page face to identify the audience. so choose or Generate the best and most accurate character for your video and account.

To generate Ai images there lot of ai tools you can use anyone,

  1. Midjourny 
  3. DeepAI
  4. Replicate 
  5. Dream studio
  6. OpenAI DALL-E

You can simply use this Ai tool  By opening these sites and typing your promotion and generating an image, one more thing some of the websites are worked on subscriptions you can choose an alternative one.

  1. Content to Audio 

DupDub ai

In the Third Step convert our content into audio, for that, you simply voice over the content if you want Or you can simply create audio using the Ai tool.

The Ai tool's name is DupDub. Open the DupDub ai website and signup with your Email then click on Start Free,

Then you will get this type of interface the type your content there. after you can modulate your voice from the right side like language, voice types, speed, pitch, quality, style, gender etc you adjust these things according to your content.

  1. Animate Ai character 

Heygen Ai

The next step is to animate our Ai character or avatar, for that here we use HeyGen, open the HeyGen website then 

signup with your Email. And click on Try HeyGen for free.

Heygen Ai

Then came this type of page click on “Make a talking photo video”  and click on Create video from there you can select your video aspect ratio portrait or Landscape.

HeyGen Ai

Then came the editing timeline page there you can import your Ai character and also add your Ai voice thereafter you can download it by clicking on submit button 

  1. Edit video 

This step is Editing the video which means adding a caption and background music also video effects in your video for a more engaging audience. Here you can use any type of video editing application or software like Adobe premier pro, CapCut, Davinci Resolve, And other applications 

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